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Cypress Home Care

Preventing Hospitalizations

A measure of quality care

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It is universally acknowledged and clinically proven that as people age they are more prone to illness and hospitalization.

What most people do not realize, however, is that an individual’s episode of illness does not necessarily end upon discharge from the hospital. Hospitals discharge patients when they no longer require acute medical care. However, the crucial factor that will determine a patient’s overall health is the quality of care that he or she receives following discharge.

The statistics are alarming: 19.2% of discharged patients aged 65 and older are readmitted to the hospital within 30 days. While many factors contribute to this disturbing trend, it is obvious that the level of post-discharge follow-up care plays an important role.

Here’s the good news

Cypress Home Care clients have a readmission rate of just 6.24%. Compare that with the national average of 19.2% and you will appreciate just how much Cypress Home Care contributes to promoting and maintaining good health. Significantly, our caregivers are specially trained in fall prevention, which plays an important role in keeping clients safe and healthy.